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Enfield Facts

Wed 15 Jun 2011 in Tindle Group News

You may have heard that certain people are claiming that Tindle Newspapers at Enfield are asking two reporters to produce nine papers. Please allow us to give you the facts.

We employ eleven fully qualified journalists and one assistant to produce four newspapers (the other five papers have no changes or a single page change in the basic paper).

One reporter is leaving this week but the remainder can easily produce these papers.

With the Enfield company having lost £660,000 or more during this current recession it would be irresponsible to replace that person or increase the staff in any way. To do so would place the jobs of the other 40 members of staff in jeopardy.

Tindle Newspapers is alone among the newspaper groups in not making one single journalist redundant. Thousands have lost their jobs in the newspaper industry but not one has been from Tindle Newspapers.

It is said the Tindle Management has refused to meet the NUJ. Apart from probably ten such meetings, the whole Board of tindle Newspapers met the whole staff at Enfield on the afternoon of April 11th 2011 and asked the NUJ, in the presence of a top Union Official, to meet with us to discuss launching our way out of our losses.

The answer came the following morning, April 12th. It was seven day’s notice of a strike.

The newspaper we asked the NUJ at Enfield to talk to us about (without naming it on April 11th) is the Chingford Times which came out as a prototype on May 3rd and is being printed today and launched tomorrow as a proper 40 page paper for the Chingford community. The Enfield NUJ would not discuss this possible solution to the company’s massive loss problem.

In all fairness we suggest these facts are made known.