Tindle Newspapers Ltd


The history of Tindle Newspapers can be traced back to the 1950s when Sir Ray Tindle started the group with the £300 demob money he was given at the end of the Second World War. Our oldest papers predate the formation of the Tindle Group – most of our paid-for titles are over 100-years-old.

Today, Tindle Newspapers Ltd is one of the largest privately-owned media companies in the UK, with publications stretching from Aberystwyth to Westerham. The group also owns radio stations in the Channel Islands and Ireland.

Tindle Newspapers began life when Sir Ray bought a small weekly paper in Tooting, south London, with a circulation of 700. Through launches and acquisitions the company now has over 150 titles covering much of South and West England, Wales and the Isle of Man.

Sir Ray says his successes are attributed to a dedicated and loyal staff led in recent years by Brian Doel and Wendy Craig, as well as the superb managing directors and general managers who run their newspapers locally. Brian retired from the company in April 2014 and sadly died in August 2016.

Tindle Newspapers became involved in local radio in 1972 when Sir Ray led a delegation to Westminster to make the case for local papers’ involvement in the new media.

The following year, he was part of a company chaired by Robert Stiby which invested in the then newly-formed Capital Radio. 25 years later, Ray Tindle took this money out of Capital and purchased Island FM in Guernsey, Channel 103 in Jersey and, later, Midlands 103 in Ireland.

Sir Ray has always maintained an ultra-local philosophy in all his newspapers and radio stations, reporting on strictly local news and events which are important to the community.

The company has embraced new technology and now each publication is able to offer a complete media package to their customers, encompassing print and digital.