A day in the life: Aaron Greenaway

Aaron Greenaway is a reporter for the Cornish Times, Cornish & Devon Post and the Voice series, responsible for writing news to be published across our websites, print titles and all the accompanying social media channels.

Aaron joined the company in January 2023. He talks about his appreciation of the opportunity to report on local life and the community connections he has built through his role with Tindle.

What are the main responsibilities in your role?

I primarily provide news content from the Bodmin area, including covering Bodmin Town Council meetings. It is a varied role in which I not only produce editorial but I support my colleagues by sub-editing their work, and I like to offer ideas to the table, particularly where it helps my younger colleagues. I like to help other people develop.

My news stories go into two main camps, local news and local interest, with a focus on the goings on of my hometown, Bodmin, and elsewhere. I am also a railway history enthusiast so I have been doing stories on the stations closed in the Beeching cuts of the 1960s, as well as other historical features. There are different styles for each of the news brands I work on, so I can vary my approach for each audience.

What was the appeal of joining the company?

I joined the company last year having previously worked for a different news outlet prior to a year doing another job. I love the localness of our focus. One day I might be covering a road crash and the next day it is a village fete. Across all the stories I want to know what is going on among the people and places in our communities. Local news is important to us as journalists but also as readers, as it is our community. I feel very at home working at Tindle, the news values that are built through the company are ones I myself value hugely.

After getting my degree in 2017 I got my Master of Research degree in journalism in 2019, something I am especially proud of as I could not read or write properly until I was 10. I come from a single parent family and grew up in a council house, where Dad strongly emphasised the value of learning and being the best I could be. I have had setbacks but I have not given up.

I feel I can learn as a journalist here and be involved in the editorial process. I have built good relationships here, in the town and with the council. There is a trust in our titles within the local community, which not only makes my job easier, but it is also a source of pride to me personally.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

I have fibromyalgia, a condition which causes pain and tiredness but I want to work so it is mainly from home. I have had nothing but total support from my editor and the company overall as I am given a huge degree of flexibility. Some days I can be very productive, other days not so, and my situation is understood.

I was recently diagnosed with autism which felt like a large weight being lifted from me. There is no shame as it is who I am and I do not see it as a negative. I had always been aware I was different but I could not understand how I was feeling in certain situations so it was good to be assessed. I have learned to adapt to the challenges and now understand what I can do to cope.

I look for local information online and work my way through emails and other communications. I produce copy for the print edition and the website. Having built up multimedia skills I can edit videos, audio and can produce social media content.

How does your work fit into the wider business?

I interact with my editor and all the reporters, along with the sports team. I see myself as an ambassador for the titles in Bodmin and want people to know about our brands. I want Bodmin to be a Tindle stronghold so I have set up Facebook group so we can create an online community in the area and make an extra concerted effort to connect with the community groups and individuals that make Bodmin such a special place to be.

What do you enjoy about working for Tindle?

I love working with the people here. They are fantastic and among the best I have worked with. I thrive off recognition and motivation, which I get here a lot. I have a role where I feel valued and empowered. We have the autonomy to do what we need to do and we are trusted to do the right thing and take ownership of the patches we write for. I am very interested in how we can use digital going forward and I feel there is a bright future for us in that, while keeping our core beliefs of providing the local news that matters to communities, stories often overlooked in an age where the click count is king.

For the first time in my career, I am in an environment where I could see myself being in a few years’ time because it really is a great little environment that I am pleased to be part of.

What are your interests outside of work?

I set up a community radio station called NCB Radio when I was 19. I have always been fascinated by radio. These days I present on the station, as well as maintaining the website which I built. I work on the programming side of things. It is like a virtual social group for people who love music and have shared interests, many of which have been on the station since the very start.

I am also a big motorsports fan, watching Formula One and the British Touring Car Championship as often as I can.

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