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Region: Channel Islands

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James Keen Managing Director

The communities we serve: Tindle owns Bailiwick Broadcasting, operators of the Channel Islands local DAB multiplex, a network of three transmitters providing a range of digital radio services.

What is great about the area we serve: Located between England and France, Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. Known for its beaches, historic castles and cuisine, Jersey blends British and French cultures and is the warmest place in the British Isles.

The island benefits from a buoyant economy, dominated by a large financial services industry and enjoys good transport links with the UK, France and Guernsey.

The bailiwick of Guernsey comprises five islands in the bay of St Malo. From beautiful beaches to the bustling capital St Peter Port, Guernsey is a varied island which enjoys a strong economy and a high household purchasing power – the third highest in the world.

The islands Alderney, Sark, Herm and Jethou make up the remainder of the bailiwick and are famous for their scenic beauty, history and warm welcome.

What a multiplex operator does: A multiplex operator is like a landlord that owns a large house (the multiplex) and rents out rooms to other people (radio stations).

Tindle acquired the company operating the DAB multiplex, Bailiwick Broadcasting, in early 2023.


Bailiwick Broadcasting operates the only commercial DAB multiplex in the Channel Islands, providing access for radio stations who want to reach an audience in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. If you’d like to get your service on air across the islands, please do get in touch.

We can offer clients the opportunity to create a ‘pop up’ radio station on a short-term basis and established broadcasters the chance to expand their coverage into the southernmost British isles.

Our approach to radio: Tindle purchased the multiplex in February 2023, aiming to provide an increased local focus which will provide the opportunity for new stations, greater listener choice and benefits for local radio advertisers.

Our history: DAB digital radio arrived in the Channel Islands in August 2021, bringing more than a dozen new radio stations to the islands including Soleil Radio, Capital and Virgin Radio. Tindle acquired the company operating the DAB multiplex, Bailiwick Broadcasting, in early 2023.

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