A day in the life: Holly Brown, Island FM

Holly Brown Island FM

Holly Brown is a multimedia journalist for Tindle Radio in the Channel Islands, responsible for writing and presenting news on our local stations, as well as content for our websites plus all the accompanying social media channels.

Born and raised on Guernsey, she joined the company in July 2022. She talks about her appreciation for island life and the independence which she values in her role with Tindle.

What are the main responsibilities in your role?

In my role I produce and read the news for three radio stations, Island FM, Channel 103 and Soleil. I have always like being informed and I enjoy explaining the news to our audience, as well as exploring what goes on in the world.

I get out and about to interview people about the news for Guernsey, as well as preparing the UK and international news for broadcasts. Our news updates all depend on what is going to impact most upon our listeners.

The national and international news comes to us via the Independent Radio Network, but all the local news is produced by us. We may be following up a press release or emails about stories. I go out to interview people or invite them into the studio. We upload news stories to our website along with photos. We also upload content to Facebook and Twitter.

What was the appeal of joining the company?

I have always listened to Island FM so it means a lot to work here. I was very fortunate when I graduated from university that I saw this role advertised. I like working in radio because it is short form news. I had done some radio training as part of my degree, working in student radio and volunteering for Jubilee Hospital Radio in Guernsey. I also worked for the Guernsey Press.

I have grown up here and have enjoyed getting insights into how the island works. I wanted to stay near friends and family as Guernsey has a relaxed way of life. Sometimes it can seem quiet for a younger person but it is nice. When it is sunny you can get to the beach and I feel very safe here.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

When I arrive I get an update on the latest from my new desk colleagues. We speak to our colleagues in Jersey to plan our content, as we often club together on stories. I take over reading the news at 1pm so I spend the morning writing the copy for the broadcasts. I read the news until 6pm.

How does your work fit into the wider business?

Some people listen to us for the news, some for the music, but around all of this are the adverts. I liaise with the sales team, sharing updates which may have commercial opportunities. I work with colleagues on stories which are ongoing.

What do you enjoy about working for Tindle?

I like the independence I have. I feel like I can make judgement calls on what can be prioritised without everything being double checked. I am really lucky in my role and feel happy here. It is great I am able to work here in something which I enjoy so much.

I have been able to report on the tax protest which took place here. Protests are not common so it was an important story. In my career I have already reported on some huge stories, like when the Queen died and the changes in Prime Minister in the UK.

How do you use digital in your role?

I use social media a lot, both to publish stories and to gather responses via Facebook. It allows us to craft a story around the public response. I also gather stories from social media, using community pages and other sources. I use my iPhone to record interviews after I did a mobile journalism course. In the studio we use digital technology throughout our work.

What are your interests outside of work?

I like walking around the coast. The beaches are lovely. I also like to go to London to see musicals.

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