A ‘Day in the Life‘ of Reporter Luke Williams

Day in the Life profile: Reporter Luke Williams

Working in the picturesque market town of Brecon in Powys, mid-Wales, reporter Luke Williams is responsible for gathering news on the local communities for the Brecon and Radnor Express. He talks about his enthusiasm for his role, his passion for reporting on the local area and the benefits of working for Tindle Newspapers.

What are the main responsibilities in your role?

As a reporter I am responsible for the editorial side of the newspaper. This involves getting leads about what has been going on in Brecon and the surrounding “news patch” which I can then turn into stories. I spend my time going out around the area and interviewing people. On behalf of the Brecon and Radnor Express I attend events. I am responsible for researching and writing stories which go into the finished newspaper and on to our website www.brecon-radnor.co.uk. I have been with the company since 2020.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

I get to the office in the morning having checked my emails and work calls about what is going on. I may have been sent news overnight or received press releases and I will have kept up with what is happening on social media. Reporters keep up to date with the national news because of the potential impact on the areas we cover.

I will have a plan for the day which could involve meeting people to interview them, or researching stories to be written. The day does not always go as planned so I have learned to be flexible. I will produce the written news stories and taken photographs, or compiled photos submitted by contacts.

My work is enjoyable because I like building connections with the towns and villages around. A reporter’s job at Tindle involves getting out to meet people. When I have everything I need I go back to the office to write it up using the editorial system used to deliver the news pages for production and to the website.

Which colleagues do you interact with the most in your working day?

I liaise with colleagues across the editorial team for our area and interact with advertising colleagues. There may be news stories that generate commercial opportunities so if there is a positive news story about a local business coming up, I work with the sales team to help them explore the opportunities.

How does your work fit in to the wider business?

We cover Powys along with our sister titles. Powys is a large region but we are effectively the only newspaper dedicated to Brecon. There are competitors on the edges of the patch but for people living here, their local newspaper is a main source of news.

What do you enjoy about working for Tindle?

No two days are exactly the same. You never know what stories are going to come out of the week. I enjoy the social side of the work. I don’t think any reporter could get far without being able to communicate with people. I enjoy the creativity and the social side, as well as the fast paced nature of the role. I enjoy being adaptable in my role.

How have the digital platforms changed in your time with the company?

Since I first started with Tindle the digital team have revolutionised the way we deliver online news. We publish several new stories each day and have a strategy which we work to for keeping our readers informed in print and on the website according to the priority of each story.

What has been the most memorable occasion where you have helped a reader?

The story about Monty the labradoodle, who was taken by his owner across the Brecon Beacons for a last time came when Carlos, his owner, sent me an email with a few sentences explaining his situation. He explained how Monty was unwell and he wanted his dog to have one final walk. I knew it was a great story so it went online. The digital team framed it for the Facebook audience and it generated at first hundreds of thousands then millions of views. The news went around the world and it all came from that email to the trusted local newspaper.

How did you join Tindle?

I joined the company from university. I had done work experience with Tindle before going to study and was pleased to join full-time after graduating.

What is the best bit of advice you would give somebody looking to join Tindle?

Working for Tindle has opened a lot of doors for me so I would recommend the company. Working here has given me a platform for development. Working here as given me a lot of responsibilities and the chance to develop.

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