First trainee multimedia journalists begin innovative journalism training scheme

multimedia journalists Lily Buckley and Amelia Averis

The first two trainee journalists to take up our exciting, one-of-a-kind multimedia news career development opportunity have started work with the Group.

Amelia Averis (pictured right) and Lily Buckley have begun their training at the Mid-Devon Advertiser as part of our first two-year programme, offering the chance to gain experience of working across our radio, digital and newspaper businesses.

In a groundbreaking opportunity for media businesses, our companies have teamed up to create a unique Multimedia Reporter training opportunity, which enables entrants to learn the skills needed to produce high-quality content for newspapers, podcasts, news websites and radio broadcasts.

The innovative new programme is allowing editorial hopefuls to develop the disciplines needed for their future careers by writing across printed publications and websites, appearing on the radio and even delivering compelling podcast series.

As our newspapers, websites and radio stations operate at the heart of the communities they serve, our first multimedia trainees are learning about our heritage of sharing stories about the best of the people in our regions, while playing a vital role in holding authorities to account.

Starting work

Amelia and Lily began working for the Advertiser brand last month as they gain three months of working within a local publishing business, at the start of training to become qualified journalists.

They will then get three-month stints in digital news training on our websites, working for our Jersey radio station Channel 103, then at Midlands 103, our radio station in Ireland, before spending 12 months specialising at one centre.

The Tindle role is the first full-time journalism job for Amelia, who graduated from the University of Leeds in 2022 with a degree in English Literature.

Amelia said: “I have always been more of a writer, so I really hope to learn as much as possible from the people around me to broaden my skill set.

“I have already learnt so much about video and photo. Radio will be completely new to me and I am excited for such a rare opportunity.

“My first few weeks have been really varied. It is exciting to meet loads of people in each office and get to know different places. The scheme is such an innovative approach to journalism as an industry and I have already grown so much less than a month in.”

Lily grew up in New Zealand, where she built up some journalism experience in the non-profit sector.

Unique opportunity

She said: “I have always been creative, editing videos, producing music and of course, writing. This opportunity is incredibly valuable, unique, and innovative, allowing us to make a difference in journalism by being the difference.

“I plan to welcome new challenges with an eagerness to learn. I cannot wait to see where these two years take us as we have already come so far.”

Throughout this time, the two trainees will undertake the National Council for the Training of Journalists Diploma in Journalism exams to gain recognised qualifications.

Operating in some of the most scenic locations in England, Wales and the Isle of Man, our newspapers and websites hold communities together with valued local news.

Group Editorial Director Emily Woolfe said: “We have been delighted to bring Amelia and Lily on board as pioneers in a vocational training programme which offers a fantastic route into journalism.

“Working with our colleagues in radio we are offering participants the unique opportunity to learn how to write for trusted newspaper brands, while honing the latest digital skills such as creating engaging video and content for our websites along with all the tools to produce top-quality broadcast audio content.

Rewarding experience

“Amelia and Lily have already thrown themselves into the role, producing some great videos for the website and getting out into the community to meet people.

“As the weeks progress, they will start to develop story ideas, create professionally written articles and learn how to build contacts within communities which look to us for trusted local news.”

Tindle Newspapers Managing Director Scott Wood said: “Congratulations to Amelia and Lily on becoming the first multimedia trainees for Tindle in what we hope will be an exciting and rewarding experience for them both.

“We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to learn a wide range of journalism skills, while drawing upon the experience of our teams through this unique scheme.”

The two recruits were chosen following a nationwide recruitment process for multimedia candidates launched in February.

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