Tindle radio station Channel 103 supports​ Jèrriais language

Ahead of Jersey’s Corn Riots Harvest Festival, also known as La Folle d’Avoût, Channel 103’s Breakfast Show joined forces with local language expert and Head of the Service at L’Office du Jèrriais Ben Spink (pictured left) to encourage listeners to learn some of the island’s traditional language, Jèrriais.

Each morning on the Channel 103 Breakfast Show, presenter Peter Mac was joined by Ben, ably assisted by school children from year four at Springfield School to encourage listeners to get ready for the festival by learning a phrase a day in Jèrriais!

Jèrriais is the traditional language of Jersey, which is closely related to French and used to be Jersey’s first language.

It was particularly was important during the Occupation, as locals could talk without being understood by the Germans.

The Corn Riots Festival marks the anniversary of The Corn Riots – a meaningful time in Jersey’s history when local people came together to make a change about the way that Jersey was ruled.

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