Tindle radio stations grow listener reach – new figures

More than half of all adults in the Channel Islands now tune into Tindle Radio stations every week, new figures show.

Guernsey’s Island FM has grown its audience to 26,000 weekly listeners, each tuning in for 9.8 hours.

The station’s total listening hours and market share are now more than double of its local competitor.

In Jersey, Channel 103 every week – 25,000 people – and they’re listening for longer than before according to the latest RAJAR radio listening figures for Q4 2022 published today.

Every Island FM listener tunes in for 10.6 hours a week on average, an improvement of more than half an hour a week compared to the previous quarter.

Percentage reach

Jersey’s Channel 103 has maintained its position as the British Isles’ most listened-to radio station by percentage reach with 56% of the island’s adult population tuning in each week – with each listener spending 10.5 hours with the station.

Channel 103’s market share has grown to 29.3%, also the highest of any station, BBC or commercial, in the British Isles.

Digital listening now accounts for 42% of all radio listening in the Channel Islands, the highest figure on record.

RAJAR is the independent survey which tracks listening for both commercial and BBC stations. The latest figures covers the listening period concluding March 2023.

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