Advertisers offered chance to sponsor newsletters to reach growing audience

Advertisers are being offered the opportunity to target local customers through advertising and sponsorship on our email newsletters.

As a leading and trusted news publisher for the local communities we serve, Tindle compile the latest news and sports stories in an engaging newsletter sent to the inbox of local people interested in the region where they live.

With newsletters now available on every Tindle website, our digital team report the audience is growing by 10% each month.

Each newsletter features ad slots in prime positions which can be used by advertisers to deliver messages to a relevant and dedicated audience.

Introduced last year, our newsletters are proving popular with rapidly growing audiences and click-through rates.

We have an average open rate of 58% and an average click through rate of 20%, higher than industry averages.

Extensive promotion

Neil Webster, Commercial Digital Officer, said: “Our newsletters are proving increasingly popular with our local audiences, with content compiled by professionally qualified editorial staff in each area.

“The newsletters are promoted extensively across our local news sites, which are also seeing audiences ever-increasing.

“Advertising and sponsorship in our newsletters allows local businesses a creative high profile and innovative way to target customers in their local area with the area’s most trusted local news brand.”

The advertising opportunities include sponsor logos, the chance to be the sole advertiser on a newsletter, MPU advert slots and flexible packages.

Newsletter sign-ups are grown through pages across our websites, social media posts, advertising in our local newspapers and promotion across our rapidly growing websites.

Advertisers looking to find out more should email [email protected]

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