Apprentice Liam embarks on editorial career with Tindle journalism training

One of our apprentice journalists says landing the opportunity to train with our company has been the “best decision I have ever made” as he prepares for the next phase of his career.

Liam J Davies, who writes for the Tavistock Times, Okehampton Times, the Tamar Valley Times and the Cornish Times, is nearing the end of his apprenticeship having started in September 2021.

He said: “It is exciting to see how my skills are growing. Tindle really identify the potential in you and help you get the qualifications to succeed in the role.

“I would never have had the chance to do so many interesting things if I had not taken up this role. I have learnt from my experienced colleagues on things that textbooks cannot teach you, like writing for different platforms, interview techniques, shorthand advice and literally how the world works.”

The diversity of the training with Tindle has been beneficial, says Liam. He said: “Many journalists only write for online platforms but I work with print, online and take photos and record video, having been trained in the grammar of filming news stories.

“I have used these skills on the road by filming videos to accompany stories on topics such as the Men In Sheds initiative, a toy recycling project at Christmas and recently the installation of speed cameras on a major route through Cornwall, also writing a print version of each story too.”

Career change

Liam had first embarked upon a career in law. He explains: “The further I progressed down the qualification route, the more disillusioned I became with law.

“With Covid hitting, I turned my back on it all and ended up doing odd jobs whilst applying for journalism roles everywhere, determined to instead pursue a career I would find fulfilling. I saw the opportunity for Tindle and found out I had got the role, beating nearly 200 other candidates.”

Liam said the opportunity to work with Tindle was appealing. He said: “I was pleased they saw something in me. I was determined to prove to Tindle that they had made the right choice.”

The role exposes Liam to a variety of work experiences. He says: “I report from a range of different settings, from events like county shows to breaking news incidents like road accidents, as well as reporting from Crown court and council meetings.

“I write stories for the newspaper, breaking news updates for the website and for live blogs at events. Whilst the future will be based more around digital and video, people can underestimate the power and reach of print journalism and I believe it will remain in place for longer than we think.”

Liam is one of five apprentices close to completing their training programmes with our company, having built up valuable work experience in our newsrooms while undergoing formal courses to gain the qualifications needed to work in editorial.

News experience

All five work alongside reporting colleagues in Devon, Cornwall and Wales, to build experience of newsgathering and reporting, while achieving National Council for the Training of Journalists qualifications.

The other Tindle apprentices are Ethan Heppell of the Mid Devon Advertiser, Joseph Carrick of the Brecon & Radnor Express, Lauren Meredith of the Monmouthshire Beacon and Abergavenny Chronicle and Scarlett Hills-Brooks of the Cornish Times and the Cornish & Devon Post.

Liam says “no day is typical” for a Tindle apprentice. He said: “This role has definitely confirmed that this is the career I want to pursue.

“I use social media a lot in my role, particularly Facebook and Twitter, as they are very good sources of news and by publishing on these platforms we can extend our reach.

“By building up contacts with councils, emergency services, community groups and local residents and businesses, I am getting to know people who make the news and feature at the very heart of it.

“All in all, taking up this opportunity has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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