Business club success helps Isle of Man advertisers enhance marketing impact

Isle Of Man Business Club 2022

Dozens of businesses learned how to enhance the impact of their marketing plans during an exclusive series of Isle of Man Newspapers events.

The free Isle Of Man Business Club 2022 sessions were organised by the news brand team, part of the Tindle Newspapers group, to help decision makers at selected local companies understand the opportunities available to them.

In total 22 presentations took place in five days, as representatives of the Isle of Man Newspapers sales team highlighted the opportunities for local advertisers looking to reach engaged markets.

The events included presentations from international expert Nick Shaw and Becki Leachman, of global marketing leaders Evolve Media Sales, who gave an overview of the options for businesses looking to connect with more customers.

As part of the informative growth advice sessions, businesses in attendance had the chance to save up to 80% on their advertising campaigns this year through business club packages.

Dan Williams, Commercial Manager for Isle of Man Newspapers, said: “Launching the new Business Club in the Isle of Man has been a huge success and experience for me and my team. Working with Nick and Becki has been an absolute pleasure, especially given how they have supported us in such a driven and professional way.

Outstanding performance

“We have spoken to over 1000 businesses over the last 12 weeks which has strengthened our brand and value to local businesses and the community. With the business club packages now fully subscribed, the week has been a great success.

“The team have worked so well together. Delivering 22 presentations in five working days was no mean feat, however there was a lot of laughter and fun throughout.”

Kathy Smith of Isle of Man Newspapers received the Outstanding Performance award for her work throughout the sessions.

Nick Shaw said: “With the positive feedback and energy that we experienced from the Isle Of Man business community, the Evolve Team are even more excited to return to the island again next summer to help local business owners enhance their marketing strategy for 2023/24.”

Tindle Managing Director Scott Wood congratulated the organisers for the event’s success. He said: “The success of the Business Club Programme has shown how our commercial team can lead the way in helping businesses understand the advertising opportunities available to them.

“As trusted local partners for advertisers on the Isle of Man, our experienced sales staff can help businesses navigate the way forward to get the most impact in the communities where they operate, giving both sides a stronger relationship for future success.”


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