Channel 103 ranked ‘most trusted radio station in Channel Islands’

channel 103

The latest Channel Islands Brand Reputation Index, compiled by Island Global Research, shows Channel 103 to be one of the twenty most-trusted brands in the Channel Islands and the most-trusted radio station.

The overall ranking is comprised of a number of factors, including whether respondents:

  • trust a brand
  • feel positive about a brand
  • would recommend a brand to a friend
  • feel the brand is associated with quality
  • would feel proud to work for a brand
  • feel the brand makes a positive contribution to the local community
  • feel the brand cares about the environment

Only two media brands made the top twenty, Channel 103 and ITV Channel Islands, with no BBC radio or TV service, or any newspaper or magazine included in the list.

The latest data, gathered in April 2023, had 1,051 residents from Jersey take part along with 987 residents from Guernsey.

The previous survey was in October 2022.

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