Free business growth events return for 2024

Devon Business Club

Businesses looking to grow their marketing reach can sign up to one of four free events planned by Tindle for 2024 to find out the best ways to achieve their goals.

Our popular Business Growth events are coming back to help advertisers make smarter decisions on the best ways to engage with new audiences.

The Business Club sessions are specifically designed to provide local entrepreneurs and business owners with new and innovative marketing ideas on how to engage and connect with more customers.

Four events are already planned, with local presentations lined up for Cornwall, Devon, the Isle of Man and Wales following successful 2023 events.

Those businesses attending enjoyed presentations from the international marketing consultants from Evolve Media Sales who demonstrated, in these ever-changing times, how they could effectively futureproof their businesses and win more customers over the year.

So if you are a business owner eager to make the most of your marketing budget and attract a wave of new customers in 2024, then look no further!

As a part of our unwavering commitment to supporting local business communities that we are proud to serve, we will be hosting a series of Free Business Growth Events across our local markets in 2024.

These exclusive business growth events will feature a 45-minute presentation from an esteemed international marketing consultant who has helped thousands of companies around the world to reach more new customers and future-proof their business in this evolving digital landscape.

But that’s not all! At these events, we will also be launching our exclusive Business Club opportunities for 2024, providing members with incredible savings of up to 80% on their future advertising campaigns with Tindle Newspapers.

To find out more, register your business today:



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